Welcome to the Grand Canyon Hiker Blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform addressing questions and building community among Grand Canyon hiking enthusiasts.

Your hosts are Ken McNamara and Rob Kleine. We support GrandCanyonHiker.com, a website that offers tips, tools, and resources for Grand Canyon hikers. We are also co-authors of the best-selling video Hiking the Grand Canyon: The Corridor Trails.

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  2. Daniel Yanosky Says:


    I’m trying to reach all those out there who have experience planning an extended Grand Canyon hiking trip. I have only hiked at the canyon once, but I have wanted to return ever since, and I think I will have the time this May.

    I have already submitted my backcountry permit request (although, not as early as possible (about 3 1/2 months in advance)) and submitted an online request for 2 nights at phantom ranch. I still need to make reservations at both Mather and the N. Rim camp grounds. However, I am uncertain as to when to do this. If, for example, I make reservations at these camp groups now, but don’t receive my backcountry permits (and therefore, don’t decide to do the trip), will I loose my money invested in the Mather and N. Rim campgroup reservations?

    Can anyone advise as to the best time to make the remaining reservations and also as to the probability of actually receiving the backcountry permits (given they were made only 3 1/2 months in advance with requests for 3 nonconsecutive nights with 2 people and 4 nonconsecutive nights with 1 person)?



  3. Rob Says:

    Hi Daniel -

    You are on the right path to have filed your backcountry permit application first. Your comment suggests you are targeting May. Keep in mind that the North Rim opens May 15, at the earliest. I suggest you wait to hear about the success of your backcountry permit before you make additional reservations.

  4. Daniel Yanosky Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the feedback. I do have an additional question. I did already receiv word that the phantom ranch reservations were NOT granted. Honestly, I don’t know what to do since those reservations were integral in a hiking trip we had planned from Mather to the N Rim camp group. The only thing I can think of is to submit another backcountry request and hope to get permits for BA camp-ground that night. Does this sound reasonable? Any suggestions? Out of curosity, is it permissible to stay 2 nights in a row at the same backcountry site?

    I very much appreciate your advice.



  5. Daniel Yanosky Says:

    Is there anybody out there?

  6. geldlening Says:

    Hi, I like your site! I enjoyed browsing it. Thanks. In Dutch we say dank-je-wel 4 thanks)) :-)

  7. Rob Says:

    Daniel - Yes, we’re here. Sorry about the lag. Your comment slipped under my radar some how.

    Your plan to apply for a backcountry permit to stay at BA makes sense to me. Yes, it is permissable to spend two nights at the same camp, if you can pull the permit. Hope this helps!

  8. Rob Says:

    geldlening - dank-je-wel, to you, too!

  9. Bob Says:

    While I can’t say I agree 100% I pretty much like how you say it.

  10. Sonia Says:

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  12. Dale Anderson Says:

    I have a question but not sure if you’ll reply in time. we’re leaving 6/9/06 for a 4 day corridor hike. Do hand-held GPS units work in the inner canyon? I know I don’t need it for nav but would like to save route and campsites as souvenir.

  13. RobK Says:

    Hi Dale - My experience is that a hand-held GPS unit can work in the inner canyon. At times. It depends on how much exposure you have to the horizon at any point in time. rk

  14. dave Says:

    What is the best time of year to hike the canyon? I assume spring or fall?

  15. RobK Says:

    Dave - See our Weather FAQ for suggestions on when it is best to hike the canyon:



  16. Dale Anderson Says:

    Thanks rk

    I will be leaving in a few minutes for a N rim to S rim hike w/2 companions on Sun, so will let you know if it was a bright (angel) idea. It was our 3rd choice on the permit, I certainly would.ve preferred May, but this date gave us more time for conditioning. We live in the Sac Valley, CA where it gets in the 90’s and 100’s every summer so we are not strangers to that kind of heat. Plus we are taking 4 days to hike it, (including 2 nites at BA-Daniel). I’ve been planning for 1 year and I think I’ve got everything covered, I hope most of us make it out!!

    a very nervous future rim to rim hiker

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