Trip Report: Mark Boyer hikes rim to rim and visits Horseshoe Mesa

Enjoy Mark Boyer’s trip report of his rim-to-rim hike and additional explorations of the Horseshoe Mesa area. The report is in PDF format.

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  1. Hdaniel Says:

    Mr. Boyer, just a few lines to thank you for these wonderful pictures they are fantastic and after viewing these they make me want to hike the Canyon even more. I visted the Canyon for the first time this past October but didn’t get to do any hiking. I am 64 years old now and I will probley never get a change to hike to the river. I have talked to Mr. Ken McNamara and he said that I might get a change to go with him down the South Kaibab to the river and back up the Bright Angle trail to the rim some time later this year. I just hope and pray that it come true.

    Thanks again for the pictures.
    Harold K. Daniel
    308 Bonanza Drive
    Bonaire, Ga 31005.

  2. Jeanie BR LA Says:

    I highly recommend this story about the Grand Canyon. I was most inspired by Mark Boyer’s story. On June 5th, 2007, my husband and I hiked from the south rim on the South Kaibab Trail down to Phantom Ranch and back up the Bright Angel the next day. It was one of my greatest accomplishments and a life changing experience. I cannot wait to go back to the Grand Canyon and hike down from the north rim and back up the south. I could go there every year for vacation and never tire of the immense beauty of the Canyon and the thrill of the hike. We met so many wonderful people, especially Earl from Ohio, who graciously took pictures of us hiking and one at Phantom Ranch! Earl made it back to the top before we did and I am hoping he found a ride back to the north rim for some well deserved rest!! I only wish we lived closer to Arizona because I would hike every trail again and again! Wonderful hike and the pictures we took were unbelievable. Copy and paste shortcut to view some of our best photos.

  3. Dick&Diane Says:

    Mark, We have just been to the Grand Canyon, never hiked before and left with the desire to hike to the bottom next year. We are both over aged 60 and have inspired each other to meet this goal. Your story was very interesting and amusing - as we had also been to Zion during this 2-month-long tent camping excursion. Angels Landing is NOT going to be on our list, especially after seeing the pictures and reading the description! We had run into an 80+ year old man who assured us that it is not bad at all, and the path is plenty “wide”! Well, at least one of us will not be attempting Angels Landing! Back to the Grand Canyon…. Your story was great, the pictures wonderful and we are more inspired than ever to reach the bottom next year, although we are planning South Khabib / Bright Angel combination - we would not be ready for North Khabib yet. In fact, we have a LOT of exercising ahead of us just to do the South trails alone! So, once again, thanks for the story! Dick&Diane

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