About the Trail Information

The trail data reported were obtained via the TOPO! Interactive Mapping software. Here's how we did it:

First, we used Route Tool to trace the trail or route.

Next, we used TOPO's Profile tool to obtain a profile view of the trail/route. This profile provides a sense of a trail's ups and downs.

Length of the traced trail/route was also obtained from TOPO's profile tool. In many cases, the trail length obtained via this methodology is very close to trail distances published in books such as John Annerino's Hiking the Grand Canyon. In some instances, the mileage's differ. In any case, treat these numbers as a rough guide for planning the time required to complete a particular trail/route.

Trail head and trail end elevations were similarly obtained from the TOPO! interactive mapping software.

Average Grade, a figure computed by the TOPO! program, provides a sense of the average steepness of a trail.

Water reliable means that a water source can be counted on year round. Water seasonal means the water source is available only at certain times. For all water sources other than the Colorado River, we strongly recommend that you check their viability with the rangers at the Backcountry Reservations office immediately prior to beginning your trip. Water availability information was obtained from a variety of sources.

Camping in the Grand Canyon backcountry is restricted and requires a backcountry permit. The type of camping allowed depends on the use zone assigned to a particular area. In high use areas, camping is restricted to designated campsites. In low use areas, at large camping is permitted.

USGS 7.5 Minute Quad(s) You'll Need names the 7.5 minute topographic maps that cover the trail/route. We strongly recommend use of the 7.5 minute series maps because of the level of detail they provide.

The popular Trails Illustrated Grand Canyon National Park map is useful for planning a trip. The scale used on this map limits its usefulness as an on-trail navigational aid, however.

TOPO! Interactive Maps
As you may have guessed, we're especially fond of the TOPO! interactive maps on CD-ROM. The planning tools provided by the TOPO! software makes planning your Grand Canyon trip a lot of fun. Also nice is that the TOPO! CD-ROM's contain five levels of TOPO map, allowing you to choose the amount of detail necessary for the task at hand. TOPO's Grand Canyon set includes USGS topographic maps for Zion National Park, Bryce National park, and the wilderness areas surrounding Las Vegas. Get TOPO! from your favorite software supplier.
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