Click to learn more about our video: Hiking the Grand Canyon:  The Corridor TrailsHiking the Grand Canyon:
The Corridor Trails

by Ken McNamara and Rob Kleine

Computer generated graphics created just for this tape take you on an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon region.

Destinations and Trails
A quick overview of key locations on the Grand Canyon's North and South Rims. Get a brief taste of the three Corridor Trails featured in this video: the Bright Angel Trail, North Kaibab Trail, and the South Kaibab Trail. Safety tips important for your well being when you hike the Grand Canyon.

Geological Shape of the Grand Canyon from a vertical point of view
Introducing the Shape Map, a unique tool for understanding the Grand Canyon's unique geology.

South Kaibab Trail
Enjoy an unique animated flyover of the entire trail. Learning key trail facts and enjoy a sampling of vistas you'll experience while hiking this stunning trail. Trail landmarks are related to the Grand Canyon's Geologic Shape.

North Kaibab Trail
Features stunning animation of the trail, including live footage of selected trail highlights. Explore the shape of Roaring Springs Canyon. Learn about key facilities on the North Rim: the ranger station, campgrounds, Grand Canyon Lodge, and the North Kaibab Trailhead.

Bright Angel Trail
Animated and on-trail footage of selected Bright Angel Trail highlights. Experience what it is like to hike out of the Grand Canyon. Walk across a beach that is 550 million years old.

Ranger Rules
The importance of protecting the Grand Canyon.
The Desert Dressed hiker: tips on how to dress when you hike the Grand Canyon.
A summary of National Park Service rules and regulations you should know about the Grand Canyon.

Learn about the fine folks that made this video possible.

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